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Our Story

Zamgoat is an impact agribusiness dedicated to the sustainable commercialization of the goat value chain for social and economic value. Primarily, Zamgoat is pioneering the value addition and improved distribution of goat products, targeting the growing local, regional and global market demand for goat meat and related products, empowering smallholder farmers in Zambia through enhanced access to market, ultimately, enhancing the economic and climate resilience of rural communities.

Founded in July 2012, Zamgoat started out with a meat processing operation and is at scale pursuing growth across the goat value chain through vertical integration, with among other operations on the demand-side including meat products, culinary services, goat leather, and dairy products, while supply-side operations include the provision of knowledge and information services, animal health and nutritional supplies, and the supply of breeding inputs.

Zamgoat is duly incorporated in the Republic of Zambia as Zamgoat Products Limited, a private company limited by shares, company registration number 120150134387.

Our Brands

Welcome to Zamgoat Meat Shop, your one-stop-shop for high-quality and sustainably sourced goat meat products. Our journey began with the aim of providing our customers with premium quality goat meat at affordable prices. We are dedicated to the sustainable commercialization of the goat value chain for social and economic value. We aim to meet the growing demand for goat meat and related products locally, regionally, and globally through value addition and improved distribution. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices. Let us be a part of your culinary journey and experience the true taste of goat meat.

Zamgoat Farms

Zamgoat Farms is a supply chain development initiative of Zamgoat, undertaking goat aggregation and breeding activities in targeted rural locations of Zambia, ensuring a consistent supply of goats to Zamgoat Meat Products for onward processing and distribution. Zamgoat Farms is designed to serve as a center of excellence in goat breeding and the supply of breeding genetics to small livestock farmers.

Zamgoat Leather Creatives

Zamgoat Leather Creatives is the goat skins processing and trading division of Zamgoat.

Zamgoat Dairy

Coming soon... is a goat dairy division of Zamgoat specialized in goat milk-based nutritional and skincare products.

Zamgoat Information Services (ZIS) is an agricultural information and knowledge management unit of Zamgoat, aimed at bridging the knowledge and information gap in the small ruminants value chain (goats and sheep), to unlock enhanced productivity and sustainable growth of the industry for social and economic value. With the smallholder farming community as the primary stakeholder, ZIS primarily works as a contractor with public and private stakeholders including government, local and international development organizations, academia, NGOs and others through the provision of bespoke RESEARCH, CONSULTANCY, TRAINING, NETWORKING, EXCHANGE and OUTREACH services to address challenges and unlock growth opportunities in the sector.

A subsidiary operation and the first in-house distribution channel of Zamgoat, offering an exclusive menu of ready-to-eat goat meals, under a quick service restaurant model.

Pizzagoat Africa

A proprietary brand and niche offering of Zamgoat specialized in goat pizza and pastries. Pizzagoat Africa is another innovative distribution channel of Zamgoat, targting the up-market segment of goat culinary services


BillyBurgers is a propriatery brand of Zamgoat specialized in offering a signature range of goat burgers under a quick-service-restaurant model

Zamgoat Animal HealthSolutions

Zamgoat Animal Health Solutions is a specialized animal health division of Zamgoat, offering an array of veterinary services and nutritional supplies to the farming commnunity. The company also works as a contractor to government, development organizations and other stakeholders in the rollout of targeted interventions in the livestock sector

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